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How to make your own Photo Effects?

It is probably a hard work to make a photoshop-like effect for your pictures, if your do not have any PS skill. EnjoyPic ( provide you with image editing tools that can apply cool and crazy effects to your photos with only one click. The belowing shows you how to use the photo editing tools in EnjoyPic.


Step 1: Select an Effect

Select a photo effect template from the home page, or effects page, or frames page, or magazines page, that is, from anywhere you like.


Step 2: Upload a Photo

You will be taken to an upload page and be asked to upload a photo from your computer or from a web address. It will take several seconds to upload your selected picture depending on the size of your photo and your internet situations. enjoypic_tutorial_how_03

When the photo is uploaded, a cropper tool will appears which help you to adjust the cropped zone. You will see a blue rectangle, two vertical sliders, and 2 buttons juse as shown in the below image.

A: Drag the white block to risize the selected zone of your picture. You can also put you mouse among the blue rectangel and press the left key to move the blue rectangle and select different zone.

B: The left slider is used to zoom in and zoom out the uploaded picture.

C: The right siler is used to rotate the uploaded picture, 0 to 360 degrees is permitted.

D: The button in the left bottom is "Reset Modifications". It is easy to understand. All the changes of your photos will be resetted after your click this button.

E: The button in the right bottom is "Crop image", which is a most important button. You clicking this button means you are satisfied with the selected photo zone and ready to make a photo effect in EnjoyPic.


Step 3: Save the Result

By clicking the "Crop image" button, you can do nothing but waiting for the website to make the photo effect for you. It will take several seconds to process your picture. When it is ready, a new page will show you the magic result for you. You can Save the result to your computer using the right key of your mouse or just click the button "Save to Computer" below.

Isn't easy and attractive! Want to make another photo effect? OK, click the "Other Effects" button, which can take you back to the templates list and allow you to select another fancy photo effect.

Now, begin your trip in EnjoyPic, and enjoy the SIMPLE PLEASURE here!